Research and monitoring

Labor Intelligence

We are pioneers in labor and corporate consulting. We offer Labor Intelligence services, from the first contact with the client to the final report, with on-time delivery, quality and the highest service levels through our ISO- 9001: 2008 certification.

This unique and successful service enables companies to achieve significant savings and a positive financial impact, as it provides them with the tools they need to prevent conflicts, trace theft and leaks, monitor organizational climate, and investigate internal issues.

Pre-Investment study

This service provides a broad perspective of the sustainability of the business, and offers insights into various factors to assess the labor environment prior to making investment decisions.

The pre-investment service aims to help companies evaluate whether a specific project represents a suitable investment.

The study identifies labor unions with which to work, the salary ranges for that market, transportation options and costs, competition, economic activities in the area, demographics, education, community services, and security conditions, among other factors.

Anti-Doping Tests

We provide anti-doping testing services, performed by technicians certified in toxicological sampling.

We recommend clients use this type of tests for newly hired employees within the first 28 days of employment. These anti-doping tests provide qualitative results and require a urine sample.

Polygraph Testing

We use a state-of-the-art system that detects a person's intentions using non-invasive technology. This is the only system that measures and analyzes behavioral patterns, offering higher reliability than other technologies.

The system allows companies to identify and investigate high-risk employees at checkpoints, access control stations, interrogations, and field operations. The service is non-invasive, multilingual and guarantees 96% reliability. Our polygraph service is useful during internal investigations to identify suspects or problem employees that could lead to reputational damage for our clients.

A conventional polygraph test lasts approximately 3 hours; this new system takes just 20 minutes. We recommend using it on a regular and targeted basis to detect anomalies and prevent potential risks.

Socioeconomic studies

When companies hire new employees to join their team, they must ensure they are trustworthy.

Omicron conducts thorough research and provides relevant information about prospective employees, including:

  1. History and references for the past 3 jobs or up to 5 years.
  2. Labor history as recorded at Infonavit or IMSS.
  3. Address verification -- including photographs inside and outside the applicant's home.
  4. Personal, neighborhood and family references.
  5. Assets.
  6. Document verification.

Labor Law

Labor Law

A) Individual cases
We do preventive labor assessments, using the necessary tools to detect and anticipate labor conflicts in the organization.

We offer consulting services on employee hiring, individual job contracts, compensation receipts, and related documentation for the purposes of compliance with labor regulations.

We provide guidance and legal defense services in cases of employee termination, ranging from calculating severance pay to drafting termination documents.

We advise and assist our clients concerning the preparation and submission of Termination Agreements before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards.

We offer legal services in individual lawsuits throughout Mexico, and handle legal proceedings related to complaints filed by employees before the Office of the Attorney General for Labor Defense and Social Security.

B) Collective cases
We guide and support our clients in case of potential strikes before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards anywhere in Mexico.

We take part in collective bargaining processes, both first-time or renewals.

C) Administrative cases
We support our clients to ensure they have all documentation required by labor inspections. We also handle requests and inspections mandated by labor authorities.

We handle economic penalties imposed by federal and local labor authorities.

Social Security

Social security consulting and legal defense
We provide advice regarding compliance with employer's obligations and handle sanctions.

Labor assessments
We use the necessary tools to detect and anticipate labor disputes involving social security institutions.


Talent Search

Searching for talent is an essential activity for businesses, and must be carried out in an ethical and professional manner based on a hiring strategy agreed in advance with the client.

It is extremely important to get an in-depth, detailed understanding of the company's philosophy, mission and vision, the composition of the current team, and the specific requirements of the position, so that applicants are better able to blend into the team, fully aligned with the company’s expectations.

Grupo Omicron has many years of labor market experience, and it is with this experience that we offer our talent search services:

  • Professional, ethical service. We team up with our clients to find the best candidates for their required profiles.
  • Comprehensive candidate tests, including thorough psychological assessments that take into consideration the ability to communicate, emotional intelligence, logical intelligence, work under stress, teambuilding and leadership.
  • Candidate’s socioeconomic profile.
  • 6-month warranty..
  • Absolute two-way confidentiality.

* We do not recycle candidates.

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