Labor Law

Labor Law

Labor Law

A) Individual cases.

Hacemos evaluaciones laborales de prevención, usamos las herramientas necesarias para detectar y prever cualquier conflicto laboral dentro de las Empresas.

We offer consulting services on employee hiring, individual job contracts, compensation receipts, and related documentation for the purposes of compliance with labor regulations.

We provide guidance and legal defense services in cases of employee termination, ranging from calculating severance pay to drafting termination documents.

We advise and assist our clients concerning the preparation and submission of Termination Agreements before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards.

We offer legal services in individual lawsuits throughout Mexico, and handle legal proceedings related to complaints filed by employees before the Office of the Attorney General for Labor Defense and Social Security.

B) Collective cases.

We guide and support our clients in case of potential strikes before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards anywhere in Mexico.

We take part in collective bargaining processes, both first-time or renewals.

C) Administrative cases

We support our clients to ensure they have all documentation required by labor inspections. We also handle requests and inspections mandated by labor authorities.

We handle economic penalties imposed by federal and local labor authorities.

Social Security

A) Social security consulting and legal defense.

We provide advice regarding compliance with employer's obligations and handle sanctions.

B) Labor assessments.

We use the necessary tools to detect and anticipate labor disputes involving social security institutions.

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