Talent Search

Talent Search

Searching for talent is an essential activity for businesses, and must be carried out in an ethical and professional manner based on a hiring strategy agreed in advance with the client.

It is extremely important to get an in-depth, detailed understanding of the company's philosophy, mission and vision, the composition of the current team, and the specific requirements of the position, so that applicants are better able to blend into the team, fully aligned with the company’s expectations.

Omicron Group has many years of labor market experience, and it is with this experience that we offer our talent search services:

  • Professional, ethical service. We team up with our clients to find the best candidates for their required profiles.
  • Comprehensive candidate tests, including thorough psychological assessments that take into consideration the ability to communicate, emotional intelligence, logical intelligence, work under stress, teambuilding and leadership.
  • Candidate’s socioeconomic profile.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Absolute two-way confidentiality.

* We do not recycle candidates.

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